Membership Fees

Being a Chamber member can be one of your best and most valuable business opportunities. (For more information on the many advantages Laurel Chamber can offer your business, see our  Chamber Membership Benefits page.)

And remember, Your Chamber membership dues are tax deductible as a business expense.

Investing in the future of your business is important. Investing in Chamber membership can not only help your own business grow, it will also help create a prosperous business climate in Laurel for all business people.

Laurel Area Chamber of Commerce Membership Plan             Downloadable Membership Application

Membership dues run from the time of joining and may be paid either annually or quarterly.

Below you’ll find the varying levels of Chamber membership. Just let us know which fits your business best.

  1. Friend of the Chamber:  $75/year     

(Includes non-profit organizations, retired persons, churches, schools, clubs, etc.)

  1.   Home-Based Businesses:  $110/year  

(Includes individuals running a business out of their home, farmers, ranchers, etc.)

  1.   Vendor/Associate:  $160/year      

(Includes distributors outside the Laurel area who do business in Laurel. These members do not get a voting status in the Chamber but are a big part of the economy of Laurel. Example: food distributors, bottling companies, contractors, etc.)

  1.   Government Business:  $160/year 

(Includes city of Laurel, Yellowstone Cty, Laurel Post Office, etc.)

  1.   Motels/Campgrounds:  $135/year plus $3.00 per room or site
  1.   Banks/Credit Unions:  $13/per million dollars assets
  1.   Retail/Commercial/Professional Business:   (two part-time employees equal one full-time employee, see rates below:)

# of Employees            Rate per year            

  •   0 –  2                          $145
  • 3 –  6                            $185
  • 7 – 12                           $260
  • 13 – 20                         $360
  • 21 – 40                         $510
  • 40+                              $760

** Business owners who have more than one business under one roof will be considered one business. The fee schedule will be based on the total number of employees for all the combined businesses.

** If an owner has additional businesses at different locations, those businesses will be required to purchase a separate membership.