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Membership Application


Laurel Chamber of Commerce Membership

Membership dues run from date of joining and are paid annually.

Friend of the Chamber: $75.00 per year

(Non-profit organizations, retired persons, churches, schools, clubs, etc.)

Home-Based Businesses:$110.00 per year

Government Business: $160.00 per year

Vendor/Associate: $160.00 per year
(Businesses not located in Laurel who do business in Laurel. These members do not get a voting status in the
Chamber but are a big part of Laurel economy. (Ex.: food distributors, bottling companies, contractors, etc.)

Motels/Hotel: $135.00 per year plus $3.00 per room or site

Banks/Credit Unions: $13.00 per million dollars assets

Retail/Commercial/Professional Business: (2 part-time employees = one full time employee)
0-2 employees: $145.00 per year
3-6 employees: $185.00 per year
7-12 employees: $260.00 per year
13-20 employees: $360.00 per year
21-40 employees: $510.00 per year
40 plus employees: $760.00 per year

*Business owners who have more than one business under one roof will be considered one business The fee schedule will be based on the total number of employees for all the combined businesses.
*If an owner has additional businesses at different locations, those businesses will be required to purchase a separate membership, if desired.

**Being a member of the Chamber can be one of your best and most valuable business assets. Memberships
are tax deductible through the IRS as a regular business expense.

Membership Application