Senior Events


Every Monday in April at 10 am the Laurel Senior Center invites anyone who is even mildly interested in learning pinochle, to come in for an hour and a half of tutored free lessons. Pinochle is a game that has been around for a long time- and there is a reason, it is FUN. It is a blend of luck and skill. From hand to hand you cannot predict if you will get a good or bad set of cards. Either way your skill makes it interesting. Usually pinochle is played with partners and as a  team you help each other. The game moves fairly quickly once you know how to play and that keeps it lively and engaging. There is no time for gossip, complaining or nit picking which is a huge plus. 


Please make your dinner reservations 24 hours  in advance.

The  Laurel Senior Center is looking for additional Activity Groups to meet at the Center. If you, or anyone else you know, is interested in organizing a group, please discuss your ideas and meeting dates with our board.  Call 628-7571 for additional information.




Specially Scheduled Activities                      

2 & 16                     Bookmobile                           11:30-1:00

13              “REAL ID ” IMPORTANT INFORMATION     11:00


Weekly Activities


Week 1 & 3       Bridge          1:00  

Week 2 & 4       Pinochle         12:30


     Pinochle                   10:00am

Chair Yoga                 12:45


     Pinochle                     1:00pm


     Bingo                              1:00